100 Tipps zu Everquest (englisch)

1. Ducking Interrupts Casting

2. If you are aggroed and low on health and zone/gate/evac you will lose all of you buffs.

3. /filterbadwords off

4. Those extra lines in the command boxes (when you right click) are what you use to make macros. You enter in any series of commands

5. To get into The Hole, go down to the bottom where the pond is in Paineel. When you are in the water, in the upper right portion of the rocks there is a hole you can squeeze through negating the need for a key (seen barbarians squeeze through it, so keep trying).

6. No matter what level you are, there will always be an MT who says ‚Heal ?!‘ … and the only way to make him shut up is to make him feign death

5. . /target will target the closest thing whose name is unique. This works on mobs too. For example. There are 2 players named Fred and Fredrick on the raid, both not in the group. Fredrick needs a heal. Type ‚/tar Fredr‘ and as long as Fredrick is within 50 feet of you (forwards or backwards – doesn’t matter) she will get selected to be your current target. If you type ‚/tar Fred‘ and both Fred and Fredrick is within 50 of you, your current target will not change since ‚Fred‘ is not a unique name.

6. /ttell. Targeted tell. Useful for sending a tell to the owner of a corpse. Works for the living too.

7. For characters with pets, pressing the respective group select function key (F1 – F6) twice will target their pet, provided the pet is within 50 feet of you.

8. /tgb on – lets you cast group spells on another group without having to be invited.

9. Control-click on a stack of items to only pick up one, Shift-click to pick up the entire stack.

10. Put guild chat in it’s own text box, Never have to scroll up to find something someone just said.

11) alt+#(1-8) casts the spell in that spot (learned @ 48)

12) pressing F1-F6 targets respective person in group (learned @ 46) (funny thing about this is that I „accidentily“ found out at a VERY young age that F1 targets myself, wasn’t till 46 I found out about the rest lol)

13) pressing 1-10 initiates respective Hotkey (lvl 46)

14) when creating the macro’s, you can put “ /stand “ on the first line to save yourself time having to find your stand hotkey. (lvl 46)

15. Facing a door/portal point you can hit „U“ to use it without having to click it (provided youa re close enough and directly in front of it).

16. Arrow keys left and right flip through the pages of your spellbook if you have it up.

17. /book 5 opens your spellbook to page 5.

18. F7 targets the closest player in view

19. F8 targets the closest NPC in view

20. Healing someones pet gives no aggro. (

21. /assist targets whom ever your current target has targetted. If you target your main tank and /assist you will get the mob he’s beating on. This works on mobs too so you can see who the mob is hitting and who might need a heal. Keep hitting your assist-hotkey to cycle back and forth through the players and mobs. (Learned high 30s)

EDIT: Forgot this about the original post’s number 2: You’ll loose buffs (both good ones and bad ones like dots, snares etc, can be useful sometimes actually) when you zone with less current hp than you have +hp gear. So if you have a hiero cloak with +75 hp as only +hp item and you zone with 50hp left you’ll loose your buffs. BTW, great topic!

22. Pressing the RUN/WALK button, makes you move faster,

23. Another thing for /assist, if you don’t want to auto attack when you assist someone edit this line in your EQClient.Ini..

AttackOnAssist=TRUE … change it to FALSE

walla, no more attacking things you don’t want to… i’ve accidently attacked a few NPCs i did not mean too plus as a cleric when i’m healing and nuking (not melee’ing) that flashing red box gets on my nerves

You can also disable the attack on assist in-game by typing ‚/assist off‘.

24. To find out if your /hide worked.. if you dont have See Invis up, type ‚/target Your_name‘. If you target yourself then hide failed. If you get an error about no such name around, then you successfully hid. (Learned at lvl 56)

25. Targeting someones pet can be done by clicking twice the F2-6 (what ever key corresponds the petholder)

26. Numlock-key is autorun

27. Pressing the numeric „-“ key takes a screenshot

28. Do yourself a favor and remap the autoattack key from „A“ to something like „0“ on the numeric keyboard or „Q“.

29. You can use your mouse to run by holding down right-click and then After by pressing left-click while continuing to hold right-click down.

30. Hold right-click down for mouse look and then press forward and either left -OR- right on the keyboard at the same time. This causes you to move forward and to the right or left at the same time however in combination with Mouse right click pressed you can move in a straight line.

Why is this important you may ask? You move faster doing it that straight running =) Nice to get JUST that little bit of extra speed when that mob is hot on yer tail. Nice for when heavily encumbered and trying to move around also.

Carrying 1million copper I can still move around using strafing where as I cannot do so trying to move forward or backwards. (Run3) Might be nice for those who zone out of the bazaar and forget how much stuff they are carrying….

31. Use Tab (or whatever you config) will switch target between you and your intitiate target ,useful when you need to heal yourself but tank is too far away from /target and dont want to loose target.

32. Wanna know who the mob is hitting? Target the mob and use a hotkey with only the word ‚/assist‘ in it. Spam this key and you can see who has who targetted at all times.

33. Use an insta-click item to refresh your spell gems faster. No matter what spell you cast or what the recast time is on a spell, your spell gems stay ‚grayed-out‘ for 2 seconds after casting any spell. If you use any right-click, instant-cast item immediately after you see you spell land, it will refresh the spell gems right away. It sometimes messes up very fast casting spells like Yaulp, but generally works very well. =)

34. Put two ‚/cast‘ commands in every hotkey you make, one at the beginning and another at the end. It catches 99% of your fizzles. Some people advocate having a ‚/pause 1‘ in between the casts, but I’ve never seen the need.

35. Use /rt to target the last person who sent you a tell asking for a buff.

36. If you connect to the Internet using cable or DSL, find a file in your EQ directory called ‚datarate.txt‘ and edit it so the value is 9.

37. Use your keyboard to play the game as much as possible. While your mouse has definite uses, if you’re in a hectic situation where speed counts and lag is heavy, keyboard commands save you a LOT of seconds. Use to target group members, <1-10> for casting/hotkeys, to switch targets between your last target and yourself, to cast spells, to sit/stand. And many more =)

38. Sell an item with 10 charges to a vendor.

Sell X number of the same item, with 1 charge to a vendor.

Buy them all back and they will have 10 charges each.

Doens’t really save money because the 10 charges are priced at about what a Shammy would sell them for. But sometimes easier then finding a shammy selling your favorite potions.

39. Use a horse when ever possible. It’s like having FT 7 – FT 9. While on a horse you med while casting + while using right click items. It really makes quest legs and bp shine.

40. For the JC’ers… if you need a forge in Felwith there is an invisable one outside the bank. Walk streight out of bank, 5 steps ( hit a wall ) turn left , walk 2 steps ( hit wall ), look up and click.

41. Make a hotkey bank with 1 as /book 1, 2 as /book 3, 3 as /book 5 etc. (10 pages means you can get up to around pg 20 on your book.

Then (as long as you are standing still) you can just do Shift (hotkey page) and page number of book for quick access to spells.

42. Also as you cant hit the spells key when running, make a hotkey called spells with /sit on then /book, so you can still use when running.

43. Also hotkeying your manastone makes it cast a lot faster hitting the number rather than right clicking it. (Practise Slowly lol)

44. Cure disease will cure Slow. Cure poison will cure Tash (amazed that people still dont know this one).

45. Use HB as a group heal (very efficient one). Use any HP buff as a heal at lower levels for better efficiencies on some spells.

46. On raids, have a ENC hotkey (or whatever) with /tar enchanter 1, /tar enchanter 2, /tar enchater 3 (i use this when patch healing to check on the HP status of the chanters and top up.

47. Dont use celestial healing on mobs that ae dispel – cos it gets dispelled

48. Channeling works by loc and skill combined. If 3 mobs are beating on you and you can end up at the same loc as when you started the cast, you will channel thru it. You might not even get a „has channeled thru“ message if you get the loc exact.

So a corner is your friend. If you can find one, cast from there.

When I first heard this, I found a corner outside Kaesora in Fob, cast CH, ran around the building, ended in corner, and the spell cast thru.

Pretty neat actually .

This doesn’t help if the mob bashes/stuns though. This only helps from the getting interrupted by movement from mobs hitting you.

49. Remap your keyboard to play with one hand. I can’t belive the number of people I see who use the arrow keys to move around still.

For example:

e – forward

d – backward

f – right

s – left

v – duck

capslock – autorun

Not changed but convenient:

a – attack (never died because of it, but I often weild a Paw of Opalla which you can’t attack with)

t – tell

r – reply

1 – fast heal macro

2 – sit

3 – complete heal macro

4 – over time heal macro

5 – DA DB macro

6 – /assist

(all this within reach of left hand without moving the hand, great for touch typers)

50. Create a DA DB macro

/sit off

/cast 7 (DA)

/cast 8 (DB)

/g I am Invulnurable don’t heal me.

/e is INVULNURABLE don’t heal him.

51. If a corpse is in a wall, or somewhere you just can’t see it or click to target it, typing /target (target name) will target the corpse. This will then allow you to summon the corpse out of the wall, etc. for a rez The last time this happenned to someone in our group, we had to petition a GM to help, but I guess we didn’t have too LOL.

Of course, only works if person is not in the zone or you will target the live person. Also, as per usual the corpse has to be within 50 feet to summon.

52. Make a /corpse button. Makes it easy to run fast and drag a corpse around after you. Sometimes required to make those „Run in and grab your dead friends in front of DaBigMob“ dashes you have to do as rezz patrol.

53. ghetto-locate corpse:

Make hotkey:

/target playername

and run around in general area where corpse should be, hitting the hotkey over and over.

Keep an eye on the Target window. When corpse appears, just /corpse it to summon.

54. Regarding corpse, use (player name)’s to get player’s corpse.

On your /corpse hotkey, put it in there 4 or 5 times so you dont have to click it so much. It will execute the command as many times as you put it in there, good for underwater dragging and hard places.

55. The hotkeys can be almost programmed and very powerful.

For example you can max all your skills by using a „travel“ hotkey and a „fight“ hotkey (#2 more for melee)

The „/doability“ will perform one of your classes specialized skills, such as „sense heading“ or „beg“ or our new „bash“.

The /doability # is determined like so…you have a bank of „abilities“ that verant designed so you can make a „beg“ key and a „sense heading“ key which to drag to your hotkeys.

There are 6 normal ones and 4 melee ones. The assigned ability in the upper left of the normal bank is „/doability 1“ upper right is #2 and so on. #7 is for the first melee ability (upper left).

You can make a hotkey to practice abilities while running places containing /doability 1 (assuming 1 is sense heading) and just keep pressing it while running.

My melee alt has a fight hotkey with „taunt“ „bash“ „disarm“ which I press throughout the fight. If I’m not MA I use the other version without the taunt. Maxes the skills pretty quickly.


56. You can maximize your casting abilities during downtime by making the following „social“ command and hotkeying it.

/cast 1

/pause 40 /cast 1

/pause 40 /cast 1

/pause 40 /cast 1

/pause 40 /cast 1

Make sure the spell in gem slot #1 has a low mana spell that uses that casting ability (conjure, evoke, etc). Change the <40> to whatever refresh time is needed for you to cast that spell (40=4 seconds)

57. Got lots of corpses to drag?

Make a hotkey thus –

/corpse bob

/corpse joe

/corpse jim

/corpse mark

/corpse fred

One click, 5 corpses dragged

58. Another trick to avoid unwanted faction hits. (editor: this MAY only work in KAEL)


– you don’t cast/hit a mob,

– it doesn’t hit you,

– you *never target* the mob…

… you can safely heal someone who is fighting that mob, without taking a faction hit.

59. if you know a mob has fallen into a wall and you can’t target to loot it (a sepsis scarab in sebilis, for instance), you can do a:

/target a_sepsis_scarab’s corpse0

to target it, then /loot to loot it.

60. you can do the same with live npc’s, only it’s two digits. this is handy if you want to get creatures pulled through the wall with taunt:

/target a_construct_of_sathir00 in rcy in kc.

(he might be 01, 02, etc though)

you can tell if atone worked or if a monster is aggroed on anyone by targetting it and doing /assist.

61. if you want to cast right after stopping from moving, it helps your interruption rate a lot by doing a quick left/right turn only (the left/right arrow, or „a“ or „d“ for us fps types) for a split second just before the cast.

62. divine barrier has a damage shield component.

63. /clearchat will clear your current window

64. holding down alt while looking at the merchants will show you the names of all of their goods. Also works on your effects and inventory items.

65. in the new interface, the merchant window is resizeable to let you see more at once.

66. best prices from the average indifferent (or better) vendor can be obtained at charisma 105.

67. to open a loom, you click on the frame.

68. in dungeons/regions with casters, almost every mob stays buffed in some way. dispel magic can be very handy…

69. it pays to hit alt-o to go to options and read up on what all the keyboard bindings do.

70. the shortest unique set of letters for a „slash“ command is all you need to execute it. if the prefix isn’t unique, it picks a default. of note, to do a /who, you only need to do „/“, for /ttell, „/tt“, for /target, „/tar“. (/ta does /tap, which probably isn’t what you want. =)

71. your spells always work on yourself (modulo your spell resistance) and don’t create aggro. so if you want to practice evocation safely, load up „strike“, target yourself, and nuke away. be sure to throw in a heal now and then. =)

72. holding down control and clicking on a stack of things will pick up a single item. holding down shift will pick up the whole stack. the same keys can be used to buy one or a stack of any stackable purchasable items.

73. If you are atoning something and want to know if it worked, keep a visual on the critter. It will turn to face a default direction (north) I think if your atone worked. If your Atone failed it will still be staring right at you (presumably rooted). Just keep root/atone/atone/atone until you see the critter change its facing then you are in the clear.

74. If a cleric on your raid calls DA/DB, do a slow count to 5 then CH them. This is way too cool when it works =) my guildies and I got our kicks in VT all the time saving each others buts. A well timed heal is often the only way a cleric can get saved if they don’t get da off until low health aggro.

75. don’t be afraid to use alternate camera views if it gives you a better feel for what is going on.

76. remember some of your roots will last longer than it takes to camp out and clear aggro…you can crawl into the undead areas of dungeons with this poor-mans memblur (kaesora and kc come to mind =)

77. Holding shift down and pushing the PageUp and PageDown buttons will cause your main chat window to scroll up or down 1 page at a time. It’s alot easier than using the mouse to to click the scroll bar. Wheel mice now work in game so thats a nice bonus

78. Holding shift and hitting the up and down arrows will cause you to cycle through messages you have previously typed. This is nice when looking to reply to people whose names you have forgotten or are too long to type out

79. Holding shift and hitting numbers 1- 0 will make your hotkey bank change to that number. This is a big time saver, instead of hitting the little triangle with the pointer. After awhile you get used to it and you can have hotkeys all over the place but do actions really fast. For instance, i have hotkeys to different pages in my spellbook so when i want to switch out a heal spell I know they are all on pages 1 and 2 in my spellbook so i hit shift2 then 1 and bang my spellbook is at the heals section. Shift 3 and 3 is autofollow, Shift 2 and 9 is my Tboots.

80. You can make hotkeys of items you have equiped and items in you MAIN inventory slots. Items with rightlick effects are really good to have for this kind of thing. You can also pull equipment off for this trick as well. For example I have a Fright Forged Helm that I keep in inventory slot 7 and it is in slot 10 in my second hotkey bank. I wear a crown of stability which is hotkeyed to slot 8 in bank 2. I hit shift 2, then i click on the Fright Forged Helm which then appears on my cursor, click it onto slot 8 which is my head slot, rightclick it so the deadeye ability goes off, then swap them again so i’m back to my better equipment. When you have an item with a rightclick ability and you put it into a hotkey you dont have to right click it, you can just hit the coresponding key. I used to have the FFHelm at slot 9 in the first bank, this was awsome for going after nagafen because he would debuff and all i had to do was hit my 9 key and poof deadeye was back up.

81. Someone said to sit and stand again after stopping running to prevent spell interuptions, I find it easier to perform a small turn to left or right and back again after i stop running to achieve the same effect. ie. running, click on target, release run button, small turn to one side, small turn back to centre on target, click spell gem or hit macro number key. End result almost no interuptions (only ever fails to work in high lag areas) and a faster system than sitting and standing.

82. you can tell if you are meleeing by the red box that surrounds your player info window.

83. To add to the „Oops, I looted all my stuff before rezzing myself!“ idea, you can also /q out of the game as long as you have not clicked DONE. When you return, your corpse will still be there ready for a rez.

84. As far as I know, only a DT will get through a Divine spell. You can do some nifty things like:

-Save someone from drowning with Bestow DA. Drowning damage stops once divined, and they have 18 seconds to make it to a zone. You can also heal faster than someone can drown.

-Make yourself immune to Call of the Hero. Not sure why you’d want to do that, but I’ve tested it and it works.

-Use it as a poor man’s translocate. Bestow DA a druid after he’s begun casting and he stay’s behind.

85. ctrl-R toggles run/walk

86. ctrl-A opens your abilities window

87. F10 toggles your UI between graphics only and graphics + windows. Good for taking nice uncluttered screen shots

88. F9 toggles different camera views. Alt combined with arrow keys will pan the camera around.

89. Esc clears your target window

90. If you are meleeing and you decide to run for some kind guards to help you, turn attack off while you’re running. Then you won’t get yourself killed when you target the guards to see what they con to you. (red)

91. You can put giant objects in a large sewing kit, makes a handy storage locker in the bank.

92. If you have a mob that your chanter or bard etc has just charmed, root it as soon as charm wears off. The character made of paper can then step back unscathed while the tank steps forward to take the root-aggro

93. When yer guild is in trouble, and you hear that word come across „CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“, do CTRL-S then CTRL-X right away!!!!!

CTRL-S – Sit

CTRL-X – Camp


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